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Refundable voucher: buy it now, it will gain value with time. 

Stay anytime discounting the vouchers new value from your future booking!


Why buy it:

Terms and conditions:

Choose any amount above €46

1. A new booking will have to be made from where the vouchers/bonds new value will be deducted.
2. The value of the voucher equals to the value it has been purchased at plus the value it has matured monthly (5% each month).
3. Each month after the purchase the voucher will increase its value of 5% up to 12 months.

Examples of a €180 voucher/bond value increase:
– €180 voucher after 1 month: €189
– €180 voucher after 2 months: €198,45
– €180 voucher after 3 months: €208,37
– €180 voucher after 12 months: €323,25

4. You have 12 months from purchase date to use it or ask us for a refund of the voucher.
After 12 months the voucher will not be refundable.
5. You can use it to discount any stay you are willing to book, on any day of the year of the following 12 months from purchase date of the voucher/bond.
6. The bond/voucher is not valid and not refundable after 1 year from purchase date.
7. Premium Package included

Premium Package Included

Premium Package includes:

  1. 2 Free Bus Tours around Rome
  2. Free room upgraded
  3. Early Check-in & Late Check-out
  4. 20% discount from ‘La Rinascente Mall Roma’!
  5. 10% discount from restaurant Hespresso + free cocktail!
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