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Vibe deluxe guest rooms & suites is our ecofriendly project for your psychophysical wellbeing.

On your return from the sightseeing tours of a chaotic city take a break and indulge yourself in our natural environment:

  • Try our selection of organic teas and infusions which will help you relax, fight stress and insomnia.
  • Treat yourself with a relaxing bath with salts, berries and herbs: all regenerating, detoxifying and anti-radiation.


We care for your wellbeing as well as for the conservation of the environment. Environmental sustainability is our priority. Thanks to our Green Program we significantly reduce any type of energetic or hydro waste. We do this by choosing natural materials and differentiate and separate our waste by plastic, paper and glass. A constant commitment for an intelligent use of these precious resources. This is in the interest of the entire planet and of each one of us.


The rooms are constructed with 90% of natural materials:

  • Mattresses and pillows are hypoallergenic and fire-resistant
  • Only eco-leather is used
  • Doors, wooden floors and furnishings originate from forests which are ran responsibly
  • Antibacterial paint on the walls
  • Our energy saving air conditioning filters pollen and other air impurities
  • Anti-legionella water filters
  • Energy saving LED lights
  • Thermal insulating and soundproofing windows and doors.

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