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Refundable vouchers: buy now, start earning value, stay anytime discounting the vouchers new value from your future booking!


Why buy it:

Example: buy a €180 voucher now & after 12 months it’s value is of €257 which you can deduct from any booking you will make!
You earn + €77 in discount from your future stay! 
  • Value increases up to 5% a month
  • The later you redeem it for a stay in our hotel the greater the discount from the total stay.
  • You can use it any day, festivities included!
  • If you change your mind you can give it to anyone
  • 0 risk for you
  • Premium Package included!*
The sooner you buy it, the sooner it will start gaining value!

Premium Package Included

Premium Package includes:

  1. 2 Free Bus Tours around Rome included!
  2. Free upgraded included!
  3. Early Check-in & Late Check-out included!
  4. 20% from ‘La Rinascente Mall Roma’
  5. 10% from restaurant Hespresso + free drink
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